About HIIA


Founded in 1963, the Hawkesbury Industrial Investment Association aims to stimulate the industrial expansion in the area. It comprises volunteer directors who belong to the industrial sector and are all committed to creating a prosperous business environment for the city of Hawkesbury.

The main goals of the Association are the creation and the maintaining of jobs.

The Association works closely with businesses who wish to establish or to relocate in Hawkesbury or its area.

Through the diversified expertise of the members of the board, the Association is able to assist businesses with regards to the renting of premises or the development of vacant lots.

Whether it be information regarding road or air transport, the availability of rental buildings, local manpower or any other subject, the Association is able to answer your enquiries.

The members of the board are experts in their respective fields and are all established in Hawkesbury since several years. In collaboration with its partners, the City of Hawkesbury, local governments, the Chamber of Commerce and the surrounding municipalities, the Association maintains a strong link with the businesses.





Annual Meeting Postponed

In view of the pandemic, the annual meeting scheduled for April 06, 2020 has been postponed to an undetermined date.


Industrial premises for rent

New building to be built on Tessier Street
in Hawkesbury (ON). More information here.